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Touring Points

INEX members will accumulate points toward the International Touring Series by competing at any of the Legend Qualifier events. All Qualifier events will count including Dirt, Asphalt and Road Course events. INEX will count a driver’s best eight finishes to determine a champion.

Choose INEX Classification:

1Sean Glennon 97
2Timothy* Brockhouse 94
3Andy Hulcy 91
4Nelson* Stewart 88
1Baiden Heskett 97
2Michael Jr. Dabney 94
3Braden Langille 91
4Matthew Barnard 88
1Isabella Robusto 100
2Ryan Rackley 97
3William Lambros 94
4David "Austin" MacDonald 91
5Ryan Braseth 88
6Dino Lambros 86
7T. Cole Hager 84
8William Robusto 82
9George Hayes 80