Mason Lastra struggled through the first two rounds of Winter Nationals and the struggles continued as he had to start last in the Semi-Pro B Main. After capturing the win to advance to the Semi-Pro A Main, Lastra marched to the front through several cautions. Until that point arrived, Trevor Wester received pressure as the leader from George Phillips and Carson Haislip. Wester held onto the lead for the majority of the race but was eventually moved by Phillips, who in turn was moved by Lastra as the field approached the white flag. Phillips wasn’t able to get back at him, and Lastra took home the trophy in a last to first effort.

From the start of the Young Lions race, Cooper Gaul was at the helm. Garrett Erwin trailed him for most of the race as the rest of the field swapped positions. Several cautions were thrown for incidents, prompting the green and time flags to be displayed when the race resumed on Lap 15. Hunter Jordan spun in turn three, ending the race early. Erwin was never able to catch Gaul, who earned his first career Young Lions victory.

Garrett Gumm and Landon Rapp were the front row at the start the Pro division feature, but they didn’t stay there. The pair came together in turn one, losing multiple positions. Landen Lewis assumed control of the race. He later faced pressure from Jason Alder, Joel Smith, Jensen Jorgensen, but in the end,  it was Donovan Strauss that was his biggest adversary. With four laps to go, Strauss grabbed the inside off turn two, accelerating through turns three and four. Lewis held his line but, on the backstretch, next time around, yielded to reset for his own attack. Jorgensen got into Lewis’ rear in turn three, moving him up, and Lewis handed it back to him in turn one with two laps to go. Strauss quietly pulled away and was uncontested, taking his second Pro checkered flag of the week.

Round 3 for the Bandits began how Round 2 ended, with Lane Christensen leading the way. Bryson Carlbert and Wyatt Coffey didn’t let him get too far ahead. On a restart, Carlbert didn’t have a good start and fell back and Colt Johnson took control of second. Coffey found his way to second before a caution for the wrecked car of LaQuan McCoy brought the field back together for a restart. Despite giving a valiant effort to reach the leader’s bumper, Coffey wasn’t able to fully challenge Christensen for control, prompting Christensen take his second checkered flag in two days.

Harley Johnson was all over the back bumper of Brexton Busch for the entire Beginner Bandolero race, which had limited interruptions for incidents on track. Lapped traffic was negotiated with relative ease for the leaders. Through the final corners on the final lap, Johnson got to Busch’s outside. As the pair straightened out, their fiberglass met sending Busch around and into the wall, however, his car crossed the line first. It’s Busch’s second Beginner Bandolero victory of the week.

The third round Masters division race was not as clean as the first two, but what didn’t change was that it was the Mullins and Woodall show up front. Mullins led all the way with Woodall making a handful attempts to contest Mullins’ control. Three cars were eliminated from competition when Darrell Buckingham tagged Kevin Rollins in turn four, which ended up collecting Brandin Wrisley and Spencer Bragg. Later, the final restart flew with five laps to go. Mullins would not be removed from the top spot, winning for the third-straight day.

Winner of Outlaw Rounds 1 and 2, Jayden Johnson, kept his dominance flowing in Round 3 on Wednesday afternoon. Emma Britt, Ayden Christensen, and Killian McMann all chased Johnson at one point with varying degrees of success. Through several restarts, Christensen never was fully removed from full control. One final caution meant that the green and time flag would be displayed upon the restart. As with many restarts before, Christensen pulled away and the race ended early when a car stopped at the top of turn two, securing Christensen the victory.

For the third-straight race, the caution-shortened Chargers feature on Wednesday was won by Austin Bloodworth.

The fourth round of the 2023 Winter Nationals at Citrus County Speedway will go live today on between 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. Round 5, the final round, will be tomorrow, Friday, February 17.


FEATURE 3 (25 Laps): 1. 51-Donovan Strauss[7]; 2. 32-Jensen Jorgensen[9]; 3. 62-Landen Lewis[4]; 4. 88-Cameron Bolin[5]; 5. 24-Joel Smith[6]; 6. 1-Alex McCollum[10]; 7. 77-Jason Alder[3]; 8. 8-Colin Stocker[17]; 9. 46-Kaleb Bradley[20]; 10. 23-Tristan McKee[14]; 11. 2-Austin Thompson[8]; 12. 78-Colton Crocker[15]; 13. 84-Xavier King[21]; 14. 45-Jacob Bradley[19]; 15. 16-Josh Speas[18]; 16. 4NH-Thomas Everson[16]; 17. 28R-Landon Rapp[2]; 18. 5-Garrett Gumm[1]; 19. 56-Ethan Norfleet[12]; 20. 22-Gianni Esposito[13]; 21. 72-Nick Woodall[11]; 22. (DNS) 84B-Kyle Beattie; 23. (DNS) 00-Gavin Graham; 24. (DNS) B1-Brenton Irving


FEATURE 3 (25 Laps): 1. 21M-Josh Mullins[1]; 2. 77-Robbie Woodall[2]; 3. 57-Kevin Foisy[6]; 4. 66-Daryl Mahar[3]; 5. 2V-Brad Vanhouton[10]; 6. 5M-Brandon Mckenzie[8]; 7. 77B-Darrell Buckingham[11]; 8. 19-John Robbins[13]; 9. 84-Lee Jordan[15]; 10. 31-Giles Martin[17]; 11. 87-Mike Mazzagatti[14]; 12. 08-Steve Gareau[19]; 13. 10-Rob Alestock[20]; 14. 57H-Scott Heintz[22]; 15. 15-Scott Kinsman[21]; 16. 2B-Chris Byerly[23]; 17. 2-Jim Sylvester[12]; 18. 19D-Donald McCormick[16]; 19. 40-Brian Weimer[4]; 20. 5-Brandin Wrisley[5]; 21. 93-Kevin Rollins[7]; 22. 24-Ray Fitzgerald[9]; 23. 08B-Spencer Bragg[18]; 24. (DNS) 9-Corey Crisafulli; 25. (DNS) 78-Andy James; 26. (DNS) H2O-Doug Stevens; 27. (DNS) 09-Michael Van Houten Jr


FEATURE 3 (25 Laps): 1. 17-Mason Lastra[21]; 2. 55-George Phillips[4]; 3. 8-Trevor Wester[1]; 4. 0-Jerrod Holle[7]; 5. 98-Sean McElearney[6]; 6. 66-Owen Mahar[12]; 7. 08-Carson Haislip[2]; 8. 72-Luke Yarbrough[8]; 9. 9C-Michael Crafton[11]; 10. 9W-Sterling Wrisley[16]; 11. 01-Brody Gunter[18]; 12. 9V-Chase VanHouten[13]; 13. 71-Nick Morabito[23]; 14. 9-Jackson Reynolds[15]; 15. 77-Jadan Bowling[9]; 16. 64T-Tyler Ledbetter[17]; 17. 5X-Jesse Martinez[5]; 18. 22-Taylor Corum[14]; 19. 81-Karlin Ray[20]; 20. 64-Lucas Vera[10]; 21. 04-Cameron Murray[19]; 22. 60-Shawn English[3]; 23. 4-Preston Wrisley[24]; 24. 31M-Sam Mazzo[22]

B Feature 1 (12 Laps): 1. 17-Mason Lastra[9]; 2. 31M-Sam Mazzo[4]; 3. 71-Nick Morabito[1]; 4. 4-Preston Wrisley[5]; 5. 26-JT Poole[3]; 6. 51J-Josh Inglis[7]; 7. 84-Noah Healey[2]; 8. 316-Adam Walker[6]; 9. 96-John Palmer Pisle[8]; 10. (DNS) 51-Leroy Kimball; 11. (DNS) 18-Chris Kuhn


FEATURE 3 (25 Laps): 1. 8-Cooper Gaul[1]; 2. 9-Garrett Erwin[6]; 3. 25-Gage Gilby[5]; 4. 95-London McKenzie[14]; 5. 36-Ty Fredrickson[13]; 6. 23-Beckham Malone[11]; 7. 12-Ayrton Brockhouse[16]; 8. 124-Jackson Denton[4]; 9. 18-Alex Meggs[17]; 10. 93-Aidan Walker[19]; 11. 10-Kevin Davis[18]; 12. 29-Cole Robie[12]; 13. 62-Keelan Harvick[10]; 14. 21-Nathan Lyons[3]; 15. 81-Hunter Jordan[15]; 16. 31-Darren Krantz Jr[9]; 17. 79-Neal Dulin[7]; 18. 88-Max Reaves[2]; 19. 24-Ayden Christensen[8]


FEATURE 3 (20 Laps): 1. 8-Jayden Johnson[1]; 2. 24-Ayden Christensen[3]; 3. 15-Alison Johnson[5]; 4. 17-Ben Morabito[4]; 5. 2M-Killian McMann[7]; 6. 88-Cohen Henze[8]; 7. 9-TJ Moon[14]; 8. 24B-Bryson Brinkley[9]; 9. 78-Atley Wiese[15]; 10. 38-Emma Britt[2]; 11. 33-Cullen O'Connor[16]; 12. 41-Mandi Lee[18]; 13. 68-Wyatt Dent[13]; 14. 97-Daniel Vandenburg[12]; 15. 35-Owen Zacharias[10]; 16. 2-Lily Whynot[19]; 17. 8E-Carter Erickson[6]; 18. 21-Sarah Whitesell[17]; 19. 000-Lincoln Johnson[11]; 20. (DNS) 31-Darren Krantz Jr


FEATURE 3 (20 Laps): 1. 46-Lane Christensen[1]; 2. 2-Wyatt Coffey[3]; 3. 9S-Jack Smith[10]; 4. 38L-Billy Lee[4]; 5. 11-Bryson Carlbert[2]; 6. 18-Matthew Laprade[9]; 7. 37-Carson Cauble[6]; 8. 14-Parker Davis[12]; 9. 24-Colt Johnson[5]; 10. 13-Luka Dib[13]; 11. 87-Chloe Mazzagatti[15]; 12. 9-Carson Sherman[16]; 13. 22-Bentley Thompson[8]; 14. 26-Laquan McCoy[7]; 15. 04J-James Monolo[14]; 16. 3-Levi Morrow[11]; 17. (DNS) 88-Grayson Ikard


FEATURE 3 (20 Laps): 1. 24-Austin Bloodworth[1]; 2. 88J-Joseph Viverito[4]; 3. 97-Isaac Kitzmiller[7]; 4. 7-Karter Beattie[8]; 5. 88-Phoenyx Kimball[10]; 6. 06-Olivia Murray[12]; 7. 33-Clayton Bohanon[19]; 8. 51-Raven Kimball[13]; 9. 99-Spencer Bradshaw[5]; 10. 13-Ayden Brockhouse[20]; 11. 78-Gracie Crocker[15]; 12. 4-Katelyn Hicks[18]; 13. 25-Nate Morris[17]; 14. 29-Kendall VanHouten[22]; 15. 75-Makenna Crocker[14]; 16. 20-Evan McKnight[3]; 17. 87-Anastasia Markovic[2]; 18. 1X-Cameron White[9]; 19. 1-Austin Harrison[11]; 20. 08-Noah Haislip[23]; 21. 51K-Aiden King[16]; 22. 9-Abi Johnson[21]; 23. 23-Josh Lowe[6]; 24. (DNS) 57H-Gabe Heintz; 25. (DNS) 84-Brandon Montgomery


FEATURE 3 (20 Laps): 1. 54-Brexton Busch[2]; 2. 7-Harley Johnson[1]; 3. 75-Jay Hemenway[4]; 4. T2-Camden Truett[5]; 5. 1X-Gerald White III[7]; 6. 75J-Allee Johnson[8]; 7. 16-Matt Hodges[6]; 8. 66-Evan Johnson[3]; 9. 83-Hudson Ruff[12]; 10. 5-Corbin Cannon[10]; 11. 18-Michael Mazzagatti[11]; 12. 5F-Christopher Flynn[9]; 13. (DNS) 80-Bryson Nichols; 14. (DNS) 8X-Addison Martinez