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Driver Points Breakdown - Emily Meehan

No. Event Date Finish Points Division Championship
1Scotia Speedworld 6/7/20191100Semi-Pro (Asphalt) No
2Scotia Speedworld 5/31/20191100Semi-Pro (Asphalt) No
3Scotia Speedworld 6/14/2019297Semi-Pro (Asphalt) No
4Maritime League of Legends 6/1/2019297Semi-Pro (Asphalt) No
5Maritime League of Legends 7/6/2019394Semi-Pro (Asphalt) Regional
6Maritime League of Legends 6/29/2019394Semi-Pro (Asphalt) Regional
7Scotia Speedworld 5/19/2019588Semi-Pro (Asphalt) No
8Maritime League of Legends 7/19/2019686Semi-Pro (Asphalt) No
9Scotia Speedworld 7/5/2019882Semi-Pro (Asphalt) No
10Scotia Speedworld 7/26/20191078Semi-Pro (Asphalt) No
11Scotia Speedworld 9/13/20191078Semi-Pro (Asphalt) No
12Asphalt Nationals 10/19/20191470Semi-Pro (Asphalt) World