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Driver Points Breakdown - Ethan Nascimento

No. Event Date Finish Points Division Championship
12022 Chilly Willy 1/22/20221100Young Lions (Asphalt) No
2Stockton 99 Speedway 3/26/2022297Young Lions (Asphalt) No
3Legends of the Pacific 6/25/2022194Young Lions (Asphalt) No
42022 Chilly Willy 1/21/2022394Young Lions (Asphalt) No
52022 Chilly Willy 1/23/2022394Young Lions (Asphalt) Regional
6Nashville Spring Series 4/14/2022491Young Lions (Asphalt) No
7Lakeport Speedway 4/23/2022191Young Lions (Asphalt) No
8Lakeport Speedway 4/23/2022191Young Lions (Asphalt) No
9Legends of the Pacific 5/14/2022588Young Lions (Asphalt) No
10Highland Rim Speedway 4/9/2022588Young Lions (Asphalt) No
11Winter Nationals 2/14/2022588Young Lions (Asphalt) No
12Nashville Spring Series 4/15/2022784Young Lions (Asphalt) No
13Nashville Spring Series 4/16/2022784Young Lions (Asphalt) Regional
14Nashville Spring Series 4/14/20221078Young Lions (Asphalt) Regional
15Nashville Spring Series 4/15/20221176Young Lions (Asphalt) No
16Winter Nationals 2/18/20221176Young Lions (Asphalt) No
17Nashville Spring Series 4/13/20221176Young Lions (Asphalt) No
18Winter Nationals 2/17/20221274Young Lions (Asphalt) No
19Winter Nationals 2/16/20221568Young Lions (Asphalt) No
20Winter Nationals 2/15/20221964Young Lions (Asphalt) No
21Silver State Road Course 12/19/20211100Young Lions (Road Course) No
22Silver State Road Course 12/18/2021297Young Lions (Road Course) No
23Silver State Road Course 1/15/2022394Young Lions (Road Course) No
24Silver State Road Course 1/16/2022784Young Lions (Road Course) No