The Bandolero Hoosier tire is intended to be raced as it is delivered by US Legends.


Cutting, Grinding, Buffing, Soaking, Softening, Needling the Hoosier tire is not permitted.


  • The minimum softness (cold) of the Bandolero Hoosier tire is 62 points on the durometer (any tire found under this number will be confiscated & sent to INEX for lab testing and possible further penalties).


  • The minimum tread depth will be measured using the tread depth indicator holes in the face of the tread. If a tire wears flush with these tread depth indicator holes in two spots in a row (side by side or around the tire), that tire will be considered illegal.


  • The tread depth (across the tire) must be no more than 1/32 of an inch different from side to side or outside to inside.


  • The minimum tire & wheel combination weight is 10 lbs.


  • If any of the above listed tire violations are found, that car will be disqualified from the event the tire was used in.