Round 7 of the Cook Out Summer Shootout may have been the roughest one of the season at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Tuesday night was littered with wrecks, cautions, and extended cleanups throughout many of the night’s features.

The only race that seemed to fully escape the chaos was the UNC Charlotte Pro Division. Thanks to a quick qualifying time, Jake Bollman started out at the front of the pack and stayed there for the entire race. The Pro’s proved why they are the best of the best with a perfect run and no cautions. Thanks to a perfect race, Bollman had no issues getting his fourth win of the 2024 season.

The longest and craziest race of the night happened during the VP Racing Fuels Semi-Pro division. A five-car pileup right from the start already proved that this race was going to be a rough one.

After getting all of the cars back on the track and quickly restarting the race, things took an even worse turn. The number 9 of Sterling Wrisley flipped fully over and into the wall. Despite the huge tumble he took, Wrisley was able to quickly climb out of his car and let the crowd know that he was okay.

The next few laps were going smoothly before things went wrong for the other Wrisley brother who wrecked going into turn four. But, unlike his brother, Preston was able to rejoin the race.

The Semi-pros struggled to get going as another pile up happened as the back of the pack went bumper to bumper before the pace car even fully left the track for the restart.

Throughout all of this chaos, Hunter Jordan was able to stay in the lead. After finally restarting after all of the past wrecks were cleaned up, the time limit flag was thrown and Jordan appeared to be his way to victory. But, Brody Gunter was not going to let him get the win that easily. Gunter sent it, going past Jordan for the lead. Gunter’s lead did not last long before Jordan quickly regained his first-place spot. But, once again Gunter pushed past Jordan, this time bringing Michael Crafton along with him. It was neck and neck between the three drivers going into the last lap.

On the last lap, Gunter wrecked with Jordan and Dylan Faulkner. Crafton was originally called to the front stretch as the winner but, after race officials reviewed the finish, Crafton was seen to have also been a part of the wreck. After the review, Aiden McConnaughey was awarded the race win, his first Cook Out Summer Shootout victory of his career.

Almost everyone in the Night Owl Companies Young Lions Division appeared to be having a bad night besides driver Neal Dulin.

This race was one that just could not seem to get started. Four restarts had already occurred before we were even able to get through two laps. The cautions did not stop there, as throughout the entirety of the race cautions were constantly being thrown out.

Despite all the chaos occurring behind him Dulin was able to remain focused and stay in the lead. In a last-stitch effort for the win, Ryan Zima bumped Dulin, but Dulin quickly returned the favor, regaining his lead while Zima fell back to third. After falling back to third, Zima battled with Carter McMurray for second place. While all this back and forth was happening, Dulin was able to pull away and get his first Cook Out SSO win of the season.

In his post-race frontstretch interview, Dulin shared his secret to remaining calm despite all the chaos by saying that he just focuses on what is in front of him rather than what is going on behind.

Third time's the charm for the Bojangles Outlaws. Despite things going wrong on the first two starts, they were finally able to get it together on the third try. TJ Moon had no trouble getting out in front of the pack and continuing to lengthen his lead throughout the race. This was a great night for Moon as he got his fourth win of the season.

Victory Lane is no stranger to Bandits driver Wyatt Coffey. Though Coffey gave some of the other drivers like Jack Smith and Taegen Knowland some hope during the race, he always seems to pull through in the end. Coffey got the lead with three laps left and never looked back. This was Coffey’s fifth win of the season, making him the winningest driver of the Cook Out Summer Shootout, so far.

True to their nickname, the crazy old men had a crazy night. The Old Armor Beer Company Masters Division was not lucky enough to escape the curse that seemed to be put on Round 7. After multiple restarts, a nose to nose collision between Clayton Austin and Scott Heintz sent both drivers packing.

Not long after the last collision, Giles Martin went all the way up and over Carl Cormier’s back bumper. Despite being the one who caused the bump up, Martin escaped with no damage while Cormier headed to the work area, but returned to the track to finish third.

Throughout all the chaos, Lee Jordan appeared to have Round 7 in the bag, leading the entire race. But, Jordan should have been more careful in maintaining his lead. After missing turn three with only three laps to go, Jordan fell back behind Adam Welch. Welch pulled away, getting a strong lead which, he kept for the remaining two laps. This was Welch’s first win of the 2024 season, with his last win in the Summer Shootout occurring over 10 years ago in a Thunder Roadster.

The Chargers Division was not short of chaos. Due to a caution packed race no one driver was ever able to really pull away from the pack. Though, Allee Johnson led for the majority of the race, Lucas Palacio was able to pass her just as the race reached its time limit. Palacio got his first win in his first ever start in a Legend car.

The Night Owl Companies two Beginner Bandolero features were won by Lucas McFall and Charlie Evans. Evans, won the B Feature, his third of the Summer Shootout and Tuesday was his birthday, enjoying a shower of water bottles and birthday wishes in victory lane. McFall commanded the A Feature handedly, suffering no issues and celebrated a second win in the Beginner Bandolero Division’s A Feature.



ROUND 7 FEATURE (25 Laps): 1. 71-Jake Bollman[1]; 2. 12-Daniel Wilk[3]; 3. 32-Jensen Jorgensen[5]; 4. 57-TYLER GONZALEZ[4]; 5. 24-Joel Smith[7]; 6. 1-Alex McCollum[6]; 7. 20-Caleb Heady[2]; 8. 76-Darrell Wallace[8]; 9. 75-Nick Woodall[10]; 10. 91-Martin Gatzulis[9]; 11. 08-Nicholas Sowa[12]; 12. 78-Darrell Stewart Jr[11]

Qualifying: 1. 71-Jake Bollman, 00:17.215[1]; 2. 20-Caleb Heady, 00:17.223[4]; 3. 12-Daniel Wilk, 00:17.236[10]; 4. 57-TYLER GONZALEZ, 00:17.318[3]; 5. 32-Jensen Jorgensen, 00:17.321[5]; 6. 1-Alex McCollum, 00:17.333[6]; 7. 24-Joel Smith, 00:17.362[7]; 8. 76-Darrell Wallace, 00:17.400; 9. 91-Martin Gatzulis, 00:17.493[2]; 10. 75-Nick Woodall, 00:17.523[11]; 11. 78-Darrell Stewart Jr, 00:17.595[9]; 12. 08-Nicholas Sowa, 00:17.656[8]


ROUND 7 FEATURE (25 Laps): 1. 71-Aiden McConnaughey[2]; 2. 81-Hunter Jordan[5]; 3. 42-Alex Reling[6]; 4. 97-Isaac Kitzmiller[8]; 5. 95-London McKenzie[10]; 6. 96-Jack Baldwin[18]; 7. 73-Ian Hampton[19]; 8. 87-Dominic Chisholm[7]; 9. 38-Cameron White[11]; 10. 35-Preston Wrisley[16]; 11. 27N-Nicholaus Bulkeley[21]; 12. 78-Gracie Crocker[14]; 13. 25-Nate Morris[20]; 14. 60-Dylan Faulkner[4]; 15. 01-Brody Gunter[3]; 16. 9-Michael Crafton[1]; 17. 43-Layton Harrison[12]; 18. 17-Mason Walters[9]; 19. 85-Bradley Swift[17]; 20. 99-Tyler Garretson[22]; 21. 87F-JC Fickenscher[13]; 22. 9W-Sterling Wrisley[15]

Round 7 B Main (15 Laps): 1. 73-Ian Hampton[3]; 2. 25-Nate Morris[2]; 3. 27N-Nicholaus Bulkeley[4]; 4. 99-Tyler Garretson[6]; 5. 11-Will Geer[5]; 6. 4-Jake Locklear[7]; 7. 22-Randy Phillips[1]

Qualifying: 1. 9-Michael Crafton, 00:17.291[4]; 2. 71-Aiden McConnaughey, 00:17.306[16]; 3. 01-Brody Gunter, 00:17.375[10]; 4. 60-Dylan Faulkner, 00:17.394[6]; 5. 81-Hunter Jordan, 00:17.434[13]; 6. 42-Alex Reling, 00:17.469[20]; 7. 87-Dominic Chisholm, 00:17.492[3]; 8. 97-Isaac Kitzmiller, 00:17.497[14]; 9. 17-Mason Walters, 00:17.510[22]; 10. 95-London McKenzie, 00:17.517[17]; 11. 38-Cameron White, 00:17.524[23]; 12. 43-Layton Harrison, 00:17.525[12]; 13. 87F-JC Fickenscher, 00:17.532[7]; 14. 78-Gracie Crocker, 00:17.548[5]; 15. 9W-Sterling Wrisley, 00:17.569[25]; 16. 35-Preston Wrisley, 00:17.587[24]; 17. 85-Bradley Swift, 00:17.614[21]; 18. 96-Jack Baldwin, 00:17.618[1]; 19. 22-Randy Phillips, 00:17.647[19]; 20. 25-Nate Morris, 00:17.652[18]; 21. 73-Ian Hampton, 00:17.672[11]; 22. 27N-Nicholaus Bulkeley, 00:17.710[2]; 23. 11-Will Geer, 00:17.716[9]; 24. 99-Tyler Garretson, 00:17.826[8]; 25. 4-Jake Locklear, 00:17.942[15]


ROUND 7 FEATURE (25 Laps): 1. 71W-Adam Welch[5]; 2. 81-Lee Jordan[2]; 3. 58-Carl Cormier[4]; 4. 5-Brandin Wrisley[6]; 5. 31-Giles Martin[7]; 6. 28-Charles Parker[10]; 7. 27-Thomas Sherman[3]; 8. 2X-Eric Mentnech[12]; 9. 68-Dean Bonessi[9]; 10. 57-Scott Heintz[8]; 11. 5A-Clayton Austin[11]; 12. (DQ) 8-Robby Faggart[1]

Qualifying: 1. 8-Robby Faggart, 00:17.504[4]; 2. 81-Lee Jordan, 00:17.511[6]; 3. 27-Thomas Sherman, 00:17.518[10]; 4. 58-Carl Cormier, 00:17.572[3]; 5. 71W-Adam Welch, 00:17.645[11]; 6. 5-Brandin Wrisley, 00:17.674[12]; 7. 31-Giles Martin, 00:17.757[7]; 8. 57-Scott Heintz, 00:17.920[5]; 9. 68-Dean Bonessi, 00:18.334[2]; 10. 28-Charles Parker, 00:18.367[9]; 11. 5A-Clayton Austin, 00:18.654[1]; 12. (DQ) 2X-Eric Mentnech, 00:18.291[8]


ROUND 7 FEATURE (25 Laps): 1. 79-Neal Dulin[6]; 2. 4-Ryan Zima[4]; 3. 40M-Carter McMurray[5]; 4. 99-Spencer Bradshaw[8]; 5. 88-Max Reaves[3]; 6. 21-Nathan Lyons[2]; 7. 17-Ben Morabito[11]; 8. 87-Mack Leopard[9]; 9. 62-Keelan Harvick[1]; 10. 40-Dillon Thomas[10]; 11. 55-Mardy Roberts III[13]; 12. 16-Samuel Macedo[12]; 13. 73-Wyatt Miller[7]; 14. 26-Laquan McCoy[14]

Qualifying: 1. 62-Keelan Harvick, 00:17.416[3]; 2. 21-Nathan Lyons, 00:17.465[5]; 3. 88-Max Reaves, 00:17.473[11]; 4. 4-Ryan Zima, 00:17.494[14]; 5. 40M-Carter McMurray, 00:17.494[8]; 6. 79-Neal Dulin, 00:17.513[2]; 7. 73-Wyatt Miller, 00:17.520[9]; 8. 99-Spencer Bradshaw, 00:17.539[1]; 9. 87-Mack Leopard, 00:17.551[4]; 10. 40-Dillon Thomas, 00:17.603[13]; 11. 17-Ben Morabito, 00:17.641[10]; 12. 16-Samuel Macedo, 00:17.755[6]; 13. 55-Mardy Roberts III, 00:17.852[12]; 14. 26-Laquan McCoy, 00:17.981[7]


ROUND 7 FEATURE (15 Laps): 1. 19-Lucas Palacio[3]; 2. 75-Allee Johnson[4]; 3. 15-Alison Johnson[5]; 4. 42-Benjamin Rogers[7]; 5. 9B-Kaden Bradshaw[6]; 6. 94-Jhett Johnson[11]; 7. 74-Addyson King[10]; 8. 83-Michael Cangemi[14]; 9. 9-Abi Johnson[1]; 10. 75C-Makenna Crocker[13]; 11. 63-Chad Byrum[17]; 12. 7-Katie Yonchuk[8]; 13. 4-James Hebert[16]; 14. 07-Huston Wells[15]; 15. 86-Zack McMurry[18]; 16. 13-Ben Mack[12]; 17. 24-Diego Espinosa[2]; 18. 31-Faron Laney[9]

Qualifying: 1. 9-Abi Johnson, 00:17.586[6]; 2. 24-Diego Espinosa, 00:17.621; 3. 19-Lucas Palacio, 00:17.743[14]; 4. 75-Allee Johnson, 00:17.747[8]; 5. 15-Alison Johnson, 00:17.794[7]; 6. 9B-Kaden Bradshaw, 00:17.810[1]; 7. 42-Benjamin Rogers, 00:17.814[15]; 8. 7-Katie Yonchuk, 00:17.835[17]; 9. 31-Faron Laney, 00:17.876[11]; 10. 74-Addyson King, 00:17.897[10]; 11. 94-Jhett Johnson, 00:17.974[9]; 12. 13-Ben Mack, 00:18.055[12]; 13. 75C-Makenna Crocker, 00:18.179[4]; 14. 83-Michael Cangemi, 00:18.383[3]; 15. 07-Huston Wells, 00:18.420[16]; 16. 4-James Hebert, 00:18.579[5]; 17. 63-Chad Byrum, 00:18.797[2]; 18. 86-Zack McMurry, 00:20.300[13]


ROUND 7 FEATURE (20 Laps): 1. 9-TJ Moon[2]; 2. 35-Owen Zacharias[3]; 3. 80-Bryson Nichols[1]; 4. 5-Jeffrey Beck[5]; 5. 77-Ellie Gossett[8]; 6. 16-Finn Buckley[6]; 7. 28-Joshua Shine[7]; 8. 24-Colt Johnson[9]; 9. 51-Cole Gudmestad[13]; 10. 37-Carson Cauble[4]; 11. 8X-Addison Martinez[12]; 12. 36-Caden Wise[10]; 13. 41-Mandi Lee[11]

Qualifying: 1. 80-Bryson Nichols, 00:18.719[10]; 2. 9-TJ Moon, 00:18.722[9]; 3. 35-Owen Zacharias, 00:18.792[13]; 4. 37-Carson Cauble, 00:18.794[3]; 5. 5-Jeffrey Beck, 00:18.876[1]; 6. 16-Finn Buckley, 00:18.927[2]; 7. 28-Joshua Shine, 00:18.932[11]; 8. 77-Ellie Gossett, 00:18.947[4]; 9. 24-Colt Johnson, 00:19.004[6]; 10. 36-Caden Wise, 00:19.072[12]; 11. 41-Mandi Lee, 00:19.303[7]; 12. 8X-Addison Martinez, 00:19.320[8]; 13. 51-Cole Gudmestad, 00:19.554[5]


ROUND 7 FEATURE (20 Laps): 1. 2-Wyatt Coffey[2]; 2. 9-Jack Smith[4]; 3. 38-Gerald White III[1]; 4. 40-Roo Reaves[6]; 5. T2-Camden Truett[3]; 6. 1VA-Hendrick Case[11]; 7. 5-Corbin Cannon[7]; 8. 17-Taegan Knowland[5]; 9. 84-Delaney Gray[8]; 10. 21H-Reid Halpin[10]; 11. 21-Mason Roberts[9]

Qualifying: 1. 38-Gerald White III, 00:18.795[11]; 2. 2-Wyatt Coffey, 00:18.869[3]; 3. T2-Camden Truett, 00:18.922[10]; 4. 9-Jack Smith, 00:18.953[9]; 5. 17-Taegan Knowland, 00:19.033[6]; 6. 40-Roo Reaves, 00:19.131[7]; 7. 5-Corbin Cannon, 00:19.133[1]; 8. 84-Delaney Gray, 00:19.177[4]; 9. 21-Mason Roberts, 00:19.349[8]; 10. 21H-Reid Halpin, 00:19.522[5]; 11. 1VA-Hendrick Case, 00:19.616[2]


ROUND 7 A FEATURE (15 Laps): 1. 13-Lucas McFall[1]; 2. 36-Carson Wise[8]; 3. 5-Wyatt Linker[2]; 4. 4S-Kevin Stiene[3]; 5. 33-Ben Buzze[9]; 6. 54-Jackson Jones[5]; 7. 85P-Paisley Lawson[10]; 8. 22-Anthony Pedulla[11]; 9. 4-Carson McKee[7]; 10. 38-Penelope Carlisle[4]; 11. 16-Maci Prowell[6]

ROUND 7 B FEATURE (12 Laps): 1. 29-Charlie Evans[1]; 2. 52-Phillip Surles[3]; 3. 19-Grant Hooker[9]; 4. 57-Ellie Hodge[6]; 5. 16B-Lincoln Baucom[5]; 6. 23-Michael Scronce[7]; 7. 8-Jakob Peterson[4]; 8. 66K-Mackenzee Parker[8]; 9. 15-Grayson Price[10]; 10. 6-Jerry Garretson[2]

Qualifying: 1. 13-Lucas McFall, 00:19.999[11]; 2. 5-Wyatt Linker, 00:20.459[10]; 3. 4S-Kevin Stiene, 00:20.485[19]; 4. 38-Penelope Carlisle, 00:20.526[3]; 5. 54-Jackson Jones, 00:20.743[8]; 6. 16-Maci Prowell, 00:20.750[17]; 7. 4-Carson McKee, 00:20.774[12]; 8. 36-Carson Wise, 00:20.778[21]; 9. 33-Ben Buzze, 00:21.003[2]; 10. 85P-Paisley Lawson, 00:21.087[9]; 11. 22-Anthony Pedulla, 00:21.403[14]; 12. 29-Charlie Evans, 00:21.438[4]; 13. 6-Jerry Garretson, 00:21.600[5]; 14. 52-Phillip Surles, 00:21.641[20]; 15. 8-Jakob Peterson, 00:21.888[15]; 16. 16B-Lincoln Baucom, 00:22.069[1]; 17. 57-Ellie Hodge, 00:22.383[6]; 18. 23-Michael Scronce, 00:22.619[18]; 19. 66K-Mackenzee Parker, 00:22.970[13]; 20. 19-Grant Hooker, 00:24.502[7]; 21. (DNS) 15-Grayson Price, 00:24.502