In another thrilling day of the 2024 Winter Nationals, two drivers remained undefeated in their respective divisions while three new faces made their way to Victory Lane. Thursday's Round 4 races featured bumper-to-bumper competition and nail-biting action at Citrus County Speedway with just one round of races remaining.

In an exciting 25-lap feature for the Semi-Pros, the race unfolded with intense battles for the top spot with Michael Crafton and Ayden Christensen at the forefront. With multiple cautions and restarts, the top three positions shifted tirelessly for the entirety of the race. With Crafton in the top spot to start, mid-race Crafton and Christensen found themselves neck and neck trading first until Isaac Kitzmiller made his presence known and was able to work his way into the top two as well.

As the laps dwindled, the race only intensified with strategic racing from all trying to pass on both the inside and out. In the nail-biting final laps. Christensen was able to take the confirmed top spot back leaving Kitzmiller and Crafton to battle. In the end, Crafton was able to hold off Kitzmiller to claim second behind Christensen getting his second Semi-Pro win this week.

While for much of the race, it seemed that a new winner would emerge, TJ Moon was able to remain undefeated for the Outlaws. Moon led the pack to start with a fierce battle ensuing behind him as Owen Zacharias, Lincoln Johnson and Bryson Nichols all got themselves in the mix for the numer two spot. Lap after lap, the cars continued to trade places until Zacharias raced to the front leading into a caution.

With the caution narrowing the gap between competition, Zacharias used it to his advantage leaving the rest of the racers to fight for runner-up. It wasn't until the second single-file restart to start Lap 13 that Moon was able to find space and go around Zacharias getting back to his familiar territory as first place. From there, Moon took off with the lead making a two-second gap as Zacharias, Johnson and Nichols fought to the end. Second place went to Zacharias followed closely by Johnson by only 0.170 seconds.

A new face found its way to Victory Lane in Round 4 for the Beginners. Roo Reaves had been on the climb for the last three rounds and was finally able to make P1 for todays race. While the fight for second and third remained fierce behind him, Reaves made his way to victory with almost a two-second gap between second place Jaxon Burnett followed by Rhylee Hutchins.

After facing his toughest competition thus far, Matthew Laprade was able to stay undefeated in Round 4 of the 2024 Winter Nationals. Laprade started P3 but quickly made his way to the front of the pack and had to strategically stay in front of the other competitors throughout the race. Although Lane Christensen was able to keep up with him, in the end, Laprade prevailed going four for four.

Ending the Bandits Division winning streak, Brexton "B-Rex" Busch came roaring through the competition in Round 4 taking the trophy. Starting pole, Busch was able to quickly distance himself from the competition despite the many cautions and restarts. The field behind him continuously shuffled ending with James Faulkner in second place and Bently Thompson in third.

The first three days of Masters competition were filled with action and hard racing, Round 4 showed no difference as the race kicked off with a caution taking four competitors out early. Despite the competitive field behind him, Kevin Nowak was able to get his second win in a row by 2.48 seconds. Kevin Rollins and Bill Plemmons Jr. followed Nowak to end Round 4.

Four rounds, four different winners in the Pro Division. After another competitive fight, Cameron Bolin was able to come out victorious. From the wave of the green flag, Bolin established himself as the frontrunner of the race and remained there till the checkered flag. In the final laps of the race, cautions came out making the competition more tense between Bolin, Joel Smith and Garrett Gumm but in each restart, Bolin was able to get away taking him to Victory Lane for the first time this Winter Nationals.

In this 25-lap feature, Max Reaves was able to start P1 and did not let up off the gas winning by over a four-second gap. Despite his lead, the competition behind him remained fierce as Keelan Harvick jumped from P6 to battle Caden Tufts at the front for second place. Tufts and Harvick traded the No. 2 and No. 3 spot for the remainder of the race but in the final seconds of Lap 25, Harvick was able to squeeze past Tufts for second place behind the three-time Young Lions winner Max Reaves.

The fifth and final round of the 2024 Winter Nationals will kick off Friday with the final eight feature rounds.The tightest championshp battle is in the Bandits Division, where Brexton Busch holds a three point lead over Wyatt Coffey. In the Pros, Cameron Bolin's advantage over Jake Bollman is only seven points. Owen Zacharias trails TJ Moon by 12 points in the Outlaws Division and Scott Moseley has a 16-point lead over Kevin Nowak for the Masters title. Matthew Laprade's perfect week has awarded him with a 18-point cushion to Lane Christensen in the Chargers Division. Rhylee Hutchins has a cushion of 21 points over Roo Reaves in the Beginner Bandolero, where as the other Reaves brother, Max, has a 23 point lead over Caden Tufts for the Young Lions Championship. The largest lead of the series belongs to Michael Crafton in the Semi-Pro Division, who has gapped Ayden Christensen by 32 points. 

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Round 4 Feature (25 Laps): 1. 67-Cameron Bolin[1]; 2. 5-Garrett Gumm[5]; 3. 24-Richie Davidowitz[16]; 4. 28R-Landon Rapp[11]; 5. 25G-Jaron Giannini[2]; 6. 24S-Joel Smith[6]; 7. 71-Jake Bollman[7]; 8. 91-Martin Gatzulis[3]; 9. 25-Gage Gilby[13]; 10. 124-Jackson Denton[8]; 11. 75-Nick Woodall[12]; 12. 19-TJ DeCaire[10]; 13. 19MA-Jase Mongeon[9]; 14. 98-Sean McElearney[4]; 15. (DNS) 32-Jensen Jorgensen; 16. (DNS) 40-Nick Lascuola


Round 4 Feature (25 Laps): 1. 24-Ayden Christensen[2]; 2. 9-Michael Crafton[1]; 3. 97-Isaac Kitzmiller[4]; 4. 09-Chase VanHouten[6]; 5. 95-London McKenzie[7]; 6. 29-Cole Robie[11]; 7. 21-Mitch Wright[3]; 8. 35-Preston Wrisley[9]; 9. 5X-Jesse Martinez[12]; 10. 8-Cooper Gaul[8]; 11. 12B-Ayrton Brockhouse[13]; 12. 38W-Cameron White[21]; 13. 2B-Stephen Brucker[22]; 14. 01-Brody Gunter[10]; 15. 81-Hunter Jordan[18]; 16. 31M-Sam Mazzo[17]; 17. 22C-Chase Burgeson[14]; 18. 09P-Josh Parsons[16]; 19. 27N-Nicholaus Bulkeley[23]; 20. 60-Dylan Faulkner[5]; 21. 23-Josh Lowe[19]; 22. 64-Devin Deshaies[20]; 23. 0W-Tanton Woodridge[15]; 24. 26-JT Poole[24]

B Feature 1 (12 Laps): 1. 38W-Cameron White[1]; 2. 27N-Nicholaus Bulkeley[3]; 3. 38-Galen Clark[5]; 4. 16-Mason Walters[4]; 5. 84-Noah Healey[6]; 6. 10-Tyler Garreston[2]; 7. 9B-Michael Bradshaw[7]; 8. 97B-Jake Baker[8]; 9. 12-Travis Walker[9]

B Feature 2 (12 Laps): 1. 2B-Stephen Brucker[2]; 2. 26-JT Poole[9]; 3. 85-Bradley Swift[4]; 4. 25-Nate Morris[5]; 5. 74-Jacob Linc[7]; 6. 33-Clayton Bohanon[6]; 7. 23D-Teagan Dempsey[8]; 8. 78-Gracie Crocker[1]; 9. 0-Jerrod Holle[3]


Round 4 Feature (25 Laps): 1. 24-Kevin Nowak[1]; 2. 93-Kevin Rollins[8]; 3. 15-Bill Plemons Jr[5]; 4. 00-Scott Moseley[2]; 5. 2-Jim Sylvester[7]; 6. 21-Brad Vanhouton[9]; 7. 47-Brad Hall[10]; 8. 81-Lee Jordan[6]; 9. H20-Darrell Buckingham[12]; 10. 2B-Chris Byerly[15]; 11. 15S-Tim Skinner Jr[13]; 12. 5-Brandin Wrisley[3]; 13. 77W-Robbie Woodall[4]; 14. 31-Giles Martin[11]; 15. 65-Mike Floyd[14]; 16. (DNS) 21M-Josh Mullins; 17. (DNS) 17-Patrick Owens; 18. (DNS) 77S-Doug Stevens


Round 4 Feature (25 Laps): 1. 88-Max Reaves[1]; 2. 62-Keelan Harvick[5]; 3. 00-Caden Tufts[3]; 4. 21-Nathan Lyons[4]; 5. 20A-Ashton Williams[2]; 6. 7-Kai Johnson[8]; 7. 87-Anastasia Markovic[13]; 8. 79-Neal Dulin[11]; 9. 17M-Taylor Mayhew[6]; 10. 23-Trayc Walker Scott[15]; 11. 46-Nicholas Denton[9]; 12. 4Z-Ryan Zima[10]; 13. 17-Ben Morabito[7]; 14. 99-Spencer Bradshaw[12]; 15. 26-Laquan McCoy[16]; 16. 15-Alison Johnson[14]; 17. 7B-Karter Beattie[17]; 18. 62B-Dylan Bongiovanni[18]


Round 4 Feature (20 Laps): 1. 9M-TJ Moon[1]; 2. 35-Owen Zacharias[5]; 3. 000-Lincoln Johnson[3]; 4. 80-Bryson Nichols[2]; 5. 9-Carson Sherman[9]; 6. 12-Jay Hemenway[4]; 7. 33-Cullen O'Connor[10]; 8. 13-Addison Martinez[12]; 9. 37-Carson Cauble[7]; 10. 2B-Owen Byerly[16]; 11. 2-Lily Whynot[17]; 12. 41-Mandi Lee[14]; 13. 8-Carter Erickson[8]; 14. 75-Allee Johnson[13]; 15. 87-Chloe Mazzagatti[6]; 16. M00-Lily Impellizzeri[11]; 17. 7K-Kamryn Mallette[15]


Round 4 Feature (20 Laps): 1. 18B-Brexton Busch[1]; 2. 007-James Faulkner[2]; 3. 22-Bentley Thompson[7]; 4. 7-Harley Johnson[5]; 5. 2-Wyatt Coffey[4]; 6. 38L-Billy Lee[12]; 7. 9-Jack Smith[11]; 8. 55-Landon Thrasher[6]; 9. 38-Gerald White III[3]; 10. 1J-James Behnke[8]; 11. 13-Luka Dib[14]; 12. 4-Wesley Baumeister[9]; 13. 11-Bryson Carlbert[15]; 14. 66-Evan Johnson[10]; 15. 4B-Jordan Bauer[17]; 16. T2-Camden Truett[13]; 17. 5-Chris Flynn[19]; 18. 83-Hudson Ruff[16]; 19. 84-Delaney Gray[18]


Round 4 Feature (15 Laps): 1. 18-Matthew Laprade[1]; 2. 46-Lane Christensen[3]; 3. 38-Emma Britt[9]; 4. 51-Rose Borntreger[7]; 5. 16-Samuel Macedo[4]; 6. 9-Abi Johnson[2]; 7. 22-Austin Warner[6]; 8. 75-Makenna Crocker[5]; 9. 24A-Dylan Abramo[11]; 10. 19-Ryan Pomposelli[8]; 11. 4-Tyler Lupton[10]; 12. 29-Kendall VanHouten[12]; 13. 13-Ben Mack[13]; 14. 99-Kaden Bradshaw[15]; 15. 15-Jayden Johnson[14]; 16. 19B-Victoria Beaner[16]; 17. (DNS) 9F-Will Franklin


Round 4 A Feature (15 Laps): 1. 40-Roo Reaves[1]; 2. 12B-Jaxon Burnett[2]; 3. 15-Rhylee Hutchins[3]; 4. 34J-Joseph Weiss[8]; 5. 00-Tinsley Meyers[4]; 6. 16H-Landon Heaton[10]; 7. 8-Bristol Monroe[7]; 8. 88-Chase Bohanon[5]; 9. 16-Tayton Monroe[9]; 10. 5-Corbin Cannon[6]

Round 4 B Feature (12 Laps): 1. 05-Charlee Hutchins[5]; 2. 16P-Maci Prowell[9]; 3. 7B-Kylea Beattie[3]; 4. 9-Maverick Bradshaw[7]; 5. 51-Brody Thompson[4]; 6. 31-Colton Murphy[1]; 7. 11-Addison Veinotte[6]; 8. 18V-Leighton VanHouten[10]; 9. 18-Michael Mazzagatti[2]; 10. (DNS) 7-Camden Powers