2023 INEX Rulebook Changes

(The 2023 INEX Rulebook will go into effect on March 1st 2023)

Legend Car & Bandolero Car:

  • The circle track points season is from February 13th through October 1st.
  • The seat rule has changed to include the use of approved aluminum or carbon fiber seats.
  • Fire extinguisher systems are optional. However, if used, they must be operational systems. Hand held bottles are not permitted.

Legend Car:

  • The Legend Car Young Lions class has changed to 10 – 15 years old.


  • The Bandolero Bandit class has changed to 7 – 11 years old.
  • Bandolero East & West has been combined into one Bandolero National Championship (to include INEX Points, Qualifiers & Bandolero Championship Race).