You should have a Title (a Certificate of Registration and a Certificate of Origin) for each car that you own. If you do not have the title, here is some important information to help you in getting your title:

If you buy a NEW Legends Car / Thunder Car / Bandolero Car the Title Department will need:

  1. A completed "Release of All Claims and Covenant Not to Sue" form from your dealer.

When you buy a USED Legends, Thunder Car or Bandolero Car, the Title Department must have:

  1. The Original Certificate of Registration (signed on the back in the SELLER-BUYER ASSIGNMENT NUMBER 2 section by the seller).
  2. The Original Certificate of Origin from the previous owner.
  3. A "Used Car Resale Notification" form signed by both seller and buyer.
  4. A "Release of All Claims and Covenant Not to Sue" form signed by both seller and buyer.
  5. $25.00 Title Processing Fee

When you find it necessary to buy a replacement chassis for your car, the Title Department must have the following information from you and your dealer:

  1. The Original Certificate of Registration.
  2. The Original Certificate of Origin.
  3. copy of the invoice for the new chassis.
  4. The Chassis Replacement Verification form (your dealer has this form).
  5. The old V.I.N. plate from the chassis that you turned back in to your dealer.

You must turn the old chassis back in to your dealer to be destroyed.
* The old car must be registered to the owner before anything can be destroyed *

Ask your dealer to mail this information back to the Title Department by Certified/Return Receipt mail, UPS ground, or FedEx ground. This step is very important when returning a V.I.N. plate! The Title Department cannot issue a new V.I.N. plate until we receive the old V.I.N. plate back, so it is very important to mail this in a way that it can be traced if not received at U.S. Legend Cars International. Once the Title Department receives all of this information, we will issue a new Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Registration and a new V.I.N. plate to you. This will be mailed to you by Certified/Return Receipt mail.

If you have lost your Certificate of Registration and/or Certificate of Origin, please call the Title Department for the form that needs to be signed before new Certificates will be re-issued.

Depending on the workload, it may take as long as 4 to 6 weeks to get your title.

NOTE: If any of this information is missing, it will take even longer to follow up on this. So it is very important to make sure that all of the necessary information listed above is sent in.

Thanks for your assistance and patience during this process.

U.S. Legend Cars International Title Department
Shalisa Roseboro

704-455-3801 or 


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