Addison Martinez's racing journey began with inheriting her brother's mini-cup car, moving through both Legends and Bandos, ultimately leading to her recent victory as the Florida State Champion. As she sets her sights on the 2024 season, Addison aims for another shot at the championship and a top-five finish in national points, determined to leave her mark in the racing world.


Hometown: West Palm Beach, Florida

Division: Outlaws

Car Number: 8X

Favorite Team: Red Head Racing

Favorite Food: Mac 'n Cheese

Favorite Artist: Luke Bryan


1. What got you started in racing?

My brother got a mini-cup car a couple of years ago and he never actually ran it but he grew out of it and got him a Legend and I ended up with the mini-cup car. They didn’t run them much so my dad decided to put me in a Legend Car but I was 12 so that didn’t work out well so that’s when I got a Bando.

2. What has your racing journey been like so far?

It’s been going well. I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress in racing. I’m excited to get back in the Legend but we’re gonna stick to Bandos for the rest of this season. Hopefully, I can get back into it (a Legend Car) a little bit more next season.

3. What is the reasoning behind your 8X car?

There’s not really a specific reason, my brother was 5X and I didn't want to pick like a six or four or something generic so I picked 8X.

4. How does it feel to be able to share the sport of racing with your brother?

It’s really awesome honestly, because we get to talk about it so much. We support each other a lot and we push each other to be so much better racing and we share that same love and passion for the sport so it’s just really cool to be able to share that with him.

5. How is the competitive spirit within your house?

I mean we definitely go back and forth about who’s the better driver and you know, one day I’ll get there but right now I have to give that one to him.

6. How did you feel after winning the Florida State Championship?

It was great because I ran most of the season in Rookies (Division) and at the very end, in Outlaws (Division), so it was really awesome to be able to have my first year in Bandos and to be able to pick that up.

7. What does it mean to be a girl in a male-dominated sport?

It’s honestly really cool just to be able to go out there. Once you put your helmet on you're just the same as every other driver outside of the car. It’s just great to be able to go out there and run with them and be competitive.

8. How were you able to bounce back after your accident?

It’s been really good honestly. I’ve been back in the car twice since then so it hasn’t held me back much at all. I took a hard hit but at the end of the day, it’s a part of racing, you just gotta get back out there.

9. What is the best part of racing for you?

Just spending time with my family and making friends and just honestly having the aspect of having a second family out at the track.

10. What is your family dynamic like in the pits with your brother and parents there?

It’s really awesome. I feel like we all just push each other to be better and me and my brother can give each other feedback when we come off the track just to kind of help each other out and work with each other and that’s how we become better.

11. What is the hardest part of racing?

Just learning new tracks and trying to be competitive with people who have a lot more seat time and more experience than you do.

12. What has been your favorite racing memory?

My favorite racing memory is probably my first podium at the Nashville Fairgrounds in the last round. It just kind of let me prove to myself and my family that I deserve to do it and I can push myself.

13. What is your favorite event to race in?

Definitely the Summer Shootout. It’s a lot of great racing, you’re around a lot of great competition. A lot of people you don’t see a lot. It’s a whole 10 rounds with all your racing friends and you just get to spend so much time on the track. You feel like you’re learning so much more and you just continue your progress.

14. What are your goals for the 2024 season?

My goal is to pick up another Florida Championship and hopefully a top-five finish in national points.