Following in his brothers' footsteps, former Outlaws driver turned Young Lions driver Ben Morabito is taking the track by storm one race at a time. Joining 860 Motorsports and fiinding his rhythm on circle tracks and his favorite road courses, Morabito has had some great success in his early journey as a racer. From winning Summer Shootout races in his Bandolero to now transitioning to Young Lions Legend Car races where he recently won the Silver State Road Course Series Young Lions title, Morabito is excited for his next steps in the world of motorsports.


Division: Young Lions

Race Team: 860 Motorsports

Car Number: 17

Hometown: Miller Place, New York

Favorite Restaurant: Carnival

Favorite Candy: Kit Kat


1. What got you started in racing?

My brother was racing before me so he kind of led me into it but we never knew that I could race Bandos at the time too. When my brother met CJ (860 Motorsports Crew Cheif), he really helped me get into it because we found out that I could race Bandos and that’s what really started it off.

2. How is it having a brother who understands your world of racing?

It really helps. He taught me really most of the things I have to know about a Legend car, how to drive it, how to run most of the tracks I’ve been to so it’s a real big help.

3. What has your racing journey been like?

It was hard starting at the young age that I was (11) because everybody had already driven years before me. The first time I got into a car I was nervous but I just kind of took everybody’s advice that they gave me and after a while, I just started picking it up and I was able to compete with the top competitors in my class.

4. What is the meaning behind your number 17 cars?

When I was young I used to be a big Kyle Busch fan but they wouldn’t let me choose the number 18 so I chose the number 17. Also because it was my brothers' number backward, and one less than Busch.

5. How was the transition from a Bandalero to a Legend Car?

Hopping in it for the first time was a little bit scary, and a little bit different. Legends have a lot more torque and horsepower speed and I wasn’t really used to it yet. So, it took me a while but I’m finally starting to just settle in it now.

6. What is the best part of racing for you?

The best part is just hanging out with everybody and just everybody being so supportive no matter what happens.

7. What would you say to all the people who have supported you over your racing journey?

I’d just like to say thank everyone, through the lows, the highs, everybody has been there for me.

8. What has been your favorite win so far in your racing career?

It’s got to be the (Summer) Shootout win (in 2023). It was probably the biggest win and hardest to win besides the National Championship so I was pretty excited to win that.

9. What is your favorite track to race on and why?

For the road course, it’s gonna be the Vegas Road Course, that’s probably one of the most fun I’ve been on so far. It’s just got everything technical, the speed, just the different tracks every week, their whole entire setup is probably the best. For Oval, it’s got to be Southern National, that’s a really fun track. We didn’t run too good there, but it was a fun whole week.

10. What has been the hardest race for you?

It would have to be the Bando Nationals or the Legends Nationals. I would say the Legends Nationals just because it was a lot more fulfilled with actual racing and bumper racing, so it was fun. There were some parts I liked more than others but the whole race was really fun.

11. What are your long-term racing goals?

Probably to get to NASCAR late models, hopefully.

12. What is your pre-race routine like?

Usually right before I get in the car I stretch out and settle in. I just focus on nothing else really just kind of feel you in the car and just forget about everything else that’s happened.

13. Who is your favorite driver?

Ryan Blaney. I like the way he drives, his quotes, and just his ways overall. He’s a good driver.

14. What is your goal for this 2024 race season?

The goal so far is to win the Young Lions road course, hopefully. We’re just going to try and win a few races, maybe come in the top 10 in Young Lions if I’m lucky and then hopefully the next year we’ll go for it.

15. What else do you like to do other than racing?

Just hanging out with my friends, going fishing, riding, everything like that is what I usually do in my off time.