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Driver Points Breakdown - Jake Bollman

No. Event Date Finish Points Division Championship
1The Bullring at Las Vegas 3/4/20231100Pro (Asphalt) No
2The Bullring at Las Vegas 3/11/20231100Pro (Asphalt) No
3Irwindale Speedway 3/18/20231100Pro (Asphalt) No
4The Bullring at Las Vegas 3/10/20231100Pro (Asphalt) No
5Chilly Willy 2/5/20231100Pro (Asphalt) Regional
6Chilly Willy 2/4/20231100Pro (Asphalt) No
7The Bullring at Las Vegas 3/24/20231100Pro (Asphalt) No
8Summer ShootOut Rd. 3 6/27/20231100Pro (Asphalt) No
9Summer ShootOut Rd. 8 7/18/20231100Pro (Asphalt) No
10Summer ShootOut Rd. 10 8/1/20231100Pro (Asphalt) Regional
11Irwindale Speedway 8/12/20231100Pro (Asphalt) No
12Legends of the Pacific 8/5/20231100Pro (Asphalt) No
13Orange Show Speedway 8/26/20231100Pro (Asphalt) No
14Orange Show Speedway 8/26/20231100Pro (Asphalt) No
15Irwindale Speedway 9/9/20231100Pro (Asphalt) Regional
16Wake County Speedway 7/8/2023297Pro (Asphalt) No
17Summer ShootOut Rd. 5 7/3/2023297Pro (Asphalt) No
18Legends of the Pacific 5/13/2023297Pro (Asphalt) No
19Chilly Willy 2/3/2023297Pro (Asphalt) No
20The Bullring at Las Vegas 2/17/2023297Pro (Asphalt) No
21Evergreen Speedway 7/21/2023297Pro (Asphalt) No
22The Bullring at Las Vegas 2/18/2023394Pro (Asphalt) No
23The Bullring at Las Vegas 3/25/2023394Pro (Asphalt) No
24The Bullring at Las Vegas 5/5/2023491Pro (Asphalt) No
25Summer ShootOut Rd. 7 7/11/2023491Pro (Asphalt) No
26Summer ShootOut Rd. 4 6/27/2023588Pro (Asphalt) No
27Summer ShootOut Rd. 2 6/13/2023588Pro (Asphalt) No
28The Bullring at Las Vegas 5/6/2023686Pro (Asphalt) No
29Summer ShootOut Rd. 9 7/25/2023784Pro (Asphalt) No
30Atlanta Motor Speedway 6/15/2023882Pro (Asphalt) No
31Atlanta Motor Speedway 6/14/2023882Pro (Asphalt) No
32Summer ShootOut Rd. 1 6/12/2023980Pro (Asphalt) No
33Evergreen Speedway 7/22/2023980Pro (Asphalt) No
34Summer ShootOut Rd. 6 7/4/20231766Pro (Asphalt) No
35Las Vegas Motor Speedway 1/7/2023297Pro (Road Course) No
36Las Vegas Motor Speedway 12/17/2022297Pro (Road Course) No
37Las Vegas Motor Speedway 1/8/2023297Pro (Road Course) No
38Las Vegas Motor Speedway 12/18/2022980Pro (Road Course) No
39Las Vegas Motor Speedway 1/7/20231274Pro (Road Course) No