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Driver Points Breakdown - David Shelly

No. Event Date Finish Points Division Championship
1Legends of the Pacific 5/13/2023297Semi-Pro (Asphalt) No
2Legends of the Pacific 4/8/2023686Semi-Pro (Asphalt) Regional
3Legends of the Pacific 7/22/2023784Semi-Pro (Asphalt) Regional
4Legends of the Pacific 3/18/2023784Semi-Pro (Asphalt) No
5NORCAL Legend Series 9/2/2023980Semi-Pro (Asphalt) No
6Legends of the Pacific 8/5/2023150Semi-Pro (Asphalt) No
7NORCAL Legend Series 9/9/2023249Semi-Pro (Asphalt) No
8Legends of the Pacific 6/24/2023546Semi-Pro (Asphalt) No