This season’s Cook Out Summer Shootout is off to a great start. Drivers in all eight divisions backed up Monday’s action with another thrilling night of racing at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Tuesday.

Kevin Rollins may not have gotten the result he wanted on Monday, but patience paid off on Tuesday as he drove to victory lane in the Masters Division Feature. After a seventh-place qualifying effort, Rollins found himself at the end of a seven-car breakaway at the front of the field. At the front of the string of Legend Cars was Brandin Wrisley, who led until he bobbled in turn two with 14 laps to go. Carl Cormier cross the line as the leader as the caution lights came on.

Cormier now had control of the race with Josh Mullin’s on his outside, with Cormier shaking him to claim the lead for his own. With 10 laps to go, the caution flew once again the field was reracked. Cormier and Mullins chose low while Wrisley and Rollins chose high. One lap later, Rollins was now sixth after getting caught on the outside. Wrisley got turned with eight laps to go, and the field reset once more.

Mullins was all over the bumper of Cormier in turns one and two with seven laps to go but disaster struck when nearly simultaneously, Mullins’ rear bumper got a nudge from Lee Jordan when Mullins’ right rear jumped over Cormier’s left rear tire. The contact sent Mullins and Cormier around.

Adam Welch inherited the lead of the race with Rollins in second. Rollins had to over come a challenge from Robby Faggart and Welch scooted away. However, another caution fell as several cars came together in turn four. With three laps to go, Welch restarted with more of an arc and straight start compared to Rollins, and even bumper swiped him. After giving Welch a polite nudge in turn two after crossing the line with two laps to go, Rollins made his move to the inside down the backstretch. There wasn’t enough room for Welch to chop Rollins off. They were in a dead heat as they took the white flag but it all Kevin Rollins at the checkered flag, winning in only his second career Cook Out Summer Shootout start. Faggart finished second, passing Welch on the final lap, who finished third.

It was yet another dominating performance for Jake Bollman in the Pro Division on Tuesday. A quick caution on Lap 4 slowed the field down for a reset but that was the feature’s only interruption. By the time the next 21 laps were completed, Bollman was out to lunch with over a three second lead on second place Jensen Jorgensen. Brenden Ruzbarsky finished third, Joel Smith was fourth, and coming to the line, Daniel Wilk crossed the line in fifth ahead of Alex McCollum.

The Bandits Feature was the same song, different verse for Jack Smith and Wyatt Coffey, with Coffey coming out on top once again. Smith led for the majority of the 20-lap race and his lead yo-yoed between four and seven tenths, until around Lap 12, it began to go down and stay down.

With five laps to go, Coffey was within one car length of Smith’s green Bandolero. With four to go, Coffey took advantage of Smith’s very small slip through turn two. Showing his nose down the backstretch, turn three saw Smith give Coffey the inside. Coffey led with three to go, but only for momentarily as Smith crossed him up through turns one and two. But Coffey immediately pulled the crossover on Smith and was back to his inside on the frontstretch getting the two-to-go signal from the flagman. Coffey held on to win for the second straight night with Smith once again settling for second. Coming home in third was Delaney Gray, who battled Camden Truett in the later stages of the feature.

Keelan Harvick led the first half of the Night Owl Contractors Young Lions Division Feature surviving no less than a few challenges from Round 1 winner, Max Reaves. But Reaves got him on the Lap 12 restart, giving Harvick a perfectly timed shot in the rear bumper as they prepared to exit turn two.

As they thundered towards turn three, Reaves pulled ahead as Harvick yielded the position to slot into second ahead of Deal Dulin. A series of cautions were displayed for single car spins, with Reaves prevailing during each attempt. Frustrations grew for Harvick, when he slowed and stopped on the backstretch with just five laps remaining. He recovered to finish 10th, but up ahead of the field, Reaves drove to a mostly uncontested Round 2 victory, starting his championship run for a Summer Shootout title strong.

It took the VP Racing Fuels Semi-Pro Feature three attempts to get going after initial starts were called off, but when the race finally found the right gear, the race went green-to-checkers. Round 1 winner, Michael Crafton, snatched the lead from Aiden McConnaughey on Lap 5 and simply, didn’t look back. The race was all his while the battles through the rest of the field were intense and clean.

Hunter Jordan gave it his best to put enough pressure on Crafton to force him into a mistake, but it didn’t happen. London McKenzie was able to earn a little bit of redemption from Monday’s disappointment, when he fought his way up to the top three and eventually worked his way around Jordan to finish second, placing Jordan in third.

Probably the most astounding piece of trivia from Tuesday’s VP Racing Fuels Semi-Pro Feature, was that despite going green for 25-straight laps, Crafton never caught the tail end of the field. Meaning all 22 starters finished on the lead lap.

A caution early in the Bojangles Outlaws Feature ended the Round 1 winner’s day. Owen Zacharias drifted just a bit too high exiting turn two on Lap 4, when his Bandolero clipped the tire barrier, tearing apart his front-end and shearing his right-front wheel off. He climbed out okay and ready to race again.

Bryson Nichols started from pole and maintained the lead on the restart, keeping a comfortable lead over TJ Moon as the laps clicked away. Nichols kept Moon at bay, despite him being in hot pursuit. The race slowed once again with on Lap 17. Nichols drifted just bit high and had to block Moon down the backstretch, but Moon didn’t want to wait, giving Nichols a shot into turn three.

Moon dove into turn one, capturing the lead and went on to cross the finish line first ahead of Nichols and Hunter Morgan.

Jordan Plummer was in the right place at the right time, when leaders Addyson King and JC Fickenscher tangled and spun off turn four. The had reached its time limit and the yellow and checkers were displayed, with the checkered flag falling on Plummer.

The Night Owl Beginner Bandolero A Feature was won by Corbin Cannon, who started from the front of the field and stayed out front despite a handful of cautions. But he nearly lost it during the one-lap shootout to Lucas McFall, who was on the inside of Cannon entering turn one. They doored one another and Cannon was full send into turn three and drove his Bandolero as hard as he could around the outside. They slammed once again, with Cannon edging McFall by a nose. In the Night Owl Beginner Bandolero B Feature, Paisley Lawson followed up her Round 1 win with a win in Round 2, getting it done with a pass on Lap 6 for the lead against Grant Hooker as the pair split a slower car.

The 2024 Cook Out Summer Shootout is back in action on Tuesday, June 18 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Coverage begins at 5pm ET/2pm PT on FloRacing, with the grandstands opening at 5pm.



ROUND 2 FEATURE (25 Laps): 1. 71-Jake Bollman[1]; 2. 32-Jensen Jorgensen[5]; 3. 22-Brenden Ruzbarsky[3]; 4. 24-Joel Smith[13]; 5. 12-Daniel Wilk[4]; 6. 1-Alex McCollum[2]; 7. 20-Caleb Heady[7]; 8. 72-Nick Woodall[8]; 9. 67-Cameron Bolin[6]; 10. 6-Jordan Black[10]; 11. 55-George Phillips[17]; 12. 66-Evan Swilling[14]; 13. 57-TYLER GONZALEZ[15]; 14. 98-Sean McElearney[11]; 15. 91-Martin Gatzulis[9]; 16. 78-Darrell Stewart Jr[16]; 17. 76-Darrell Wallace[12]; 18. (DQ) 13-Sean Hingorani[18]

Qualifying 1: 1. 71-Jake Bollman, 00:17.234[3]; 2. 1-Alex McCollum, 00:17.266[9]; 3. 22-Brenden Ruzbarsky, 00:17.308[12]; 4. 12-Daniel Wilk, 00:17.332[17]; 5. 32-Jensen Jorgensen, 00:17.353[8]; 6. 67-Cameron Bolin, 00:17.374[2]; 7. 20-Caleb Heady, 00:17.382[6]; 8. 72-Nick Woodall, 00:17.388[18]; 9. 91-Martin Gatzulis, 00:17.391[4]; 10. 6-Jordan Black, 00:17.395[1]; 11. 98-Sean McElearney, 00:17.404[10]; 12. 76-Darrell Wallace, 00:17.409[16]; 13. 24-Joel Smith, 00:17.501[13]; 14. 66-Evan Swilling, 00:17.514[15]; 15. 57-TYLER GONZALEZ, 00:17.517[5]; 16. 78-Darrell Stewart Jr, 00:17.522[14]; 17. 55-George Phillips, 00:17.634[11]; 18. 13-Sean Hingorani, 00:19.772[7]


ROUND 2 FEATURE (25 Laps): 1. 9-Michael Crafton[2]; 2. 95-London McKenzie[1]; 3. 81-Hunter Jordan[3]; 4. 97-Isaac Kitzmiller[5]; 5. 71-Aiden McConnaughey[4]; 6. 38-Cameron White[6]; 7. 21-Mitch Wright[9]; 8. 87-Dominic Chisholm[11]; 9. 01-Brody Gunter[7]; 10. 35-Preston Wrisley[10]; 11. 85-Bradley Swift[8]; 12. 60-Dylan Faulkner[14]; 13. 9W-Sterling Wrisley[15]; 14. 43-Layton Harrison[17]; 15. 99G-Tyler Garreston[16]; 16. 42-Alex Reling[20]; 17. 16-Mason Walters[19]; 18. 31M-Sam Mazzo[18]; 19. 4-Jake Locklear[21]; 20. 02-Zachary Mertes[22]; 21. 11-Will Geer[12]; 22. 22-Randy Phillips[13]

B Main (15 Laps): 1. 16-Mason Walters[3]; 2. 42-Alex Reling[1]; 3. 4-Jake Locklear[4]; 4. 02-Zachary Mertes[2]; 5. 73-Ian Hampton[7]; 6. 27N-Nicholaus Bulkeley[5]; 7. 25-Nate Morris[6]; 8. 66-Dawson Drimmie[8]; 9. 78-Gracie Crocker[9]; 10. 99-Ryan Carlson[10]; 11. 11D-Nathan Davis[12]; 12. (DNS) 74-Jacob Linc

Qualifying 1: 1. 95-London McKenzie, 00:17.297[20]; 2. 9-Michael Crafton, 00:17.307[4]; 3. 81-Hunter Jordan, 00:17.318[14]; 4. 71-Aiden McConnaughey, 00:17.338[19]; 5. 97-Isaac Kitzmiller, 00:17.352[15]; 6. 38-Cameron White, 00:17.397[27]; 7. 01-Brody Gunter, 00:17.430[11]; 8. 85-Bradley Swift, 00:17.475[25]; 9. 21-Mitch Wright, 00:17.479[28]; 10. 35-Preston Wrisley, 00:17.482[29]; 11. 87-Dominic Chisholm, 00:17.492[3]; 12. 11-Will Geer, 00:17.546[10]; 13. 22-Randy Phillips, 00:17.563[23]; 14. 60-Dylan Faulkner, 00:17.576[8]; 15. 9W-Sterling Wrisley, 00:17.604[30]; 16. 99G-Tyler Garreston, 00:17.609[9]; 17. 43-Layton Harrison, 00:17.621[13]; 18. 31M-Sam Mazzo, 00:17.629[18]; 19. 42-Alex Reling, 00:17.639[24]; 20. 02-Zachary Mertes, 00:17.669[21]; 21. 16-Mason Walters, 00:17.680[26]; 22. 4-Jake Locklear, 00:17.698[17]; 23. 27N-Nicholaus Bulkeley, 00:17.712[1]; 24. 25-Nate Morris, 00:17.754[22]; 25. 73-Ian Hampton, 00:17.756[12]; 26. 66-Dawson Drimmie, 00:17.766[7]; 27. 78-Gracie Crocker, 00:17.820[5]; 28. 99-Ryan Carlson, 00:17.863[2]; 29. 74-Jacob Linc, 00:18.122[16]; 30. 11D-Nathan Davis, 00:19.640[6]


ROUND 2 FEATURE (25 Laps): 1. 93-Kevin Rollins[7]; 2. 8-Robby Faggart[4]; 3. 71W-Adam Welch[8]; 4. 81-Lee Jordan[1]; 5. 58-Carl Cormier[5]; 6. 33-Scott Wessel[13]; 7. 28-Charles Parker[14]; 8. 57-Scott Heintz[11]; 9. 2X-Eric Mentnech[15]; 10. 22-William Lyden[16]; 11. 22D-Dwayne Holder[3]; 12. 5-Brandin Wrisley[6]; 13. 5A-Clayton Austin[10]; 14. 21M-Josh Mullins[2]; 15. 31-Giles Martin[9]; 16. 68-Dean Bonessi[12]

Qualifying 1: 1. 81-Lee Jordan, 00:17.479[7]; 2. 21M-Josh Mullins, 00:17.540[11]; 3. 22D-Dwayne Holder, 00:17.545[6]; 4. 8-Robby Faggart, 00:17.567[4]; 5. 58-Carl Cormier, 00:17.585[3]; 6. 5-Brandin Wrisley, 00:17.588[16]; 7. 93-Kevin Rollins, 00:17.596[13]; 8. 71W-Adam Welch, 00:17.599[14]; 9. 31-Giles Martin, 00:17.935[9]; 10. 5A-Clayton Austin, 00:18.129[1]; 11. 57-Scott Heintz, 00:18.202[5]; 12. 68-Dean Bonessi, 00:18.338[2]; 13. 33-Scott Wessel, 00:18.381[15]; 14. 28-Charles Parker, 00:18.443[12]; 15. 2X-Eric Mentnech, 00:18.823[10]; 16. 22-William Lyden, 00:20.152[8]


ROUND 2 FEATURE (25 Laps): 1. 88R-Max Reaves[1]; 2. 79-Neal Dulin[8]; 3. 4-Ryan Zima[5]; 4. 88-Aiden King[3]; 5. 99-Spencer Bradshaw[9]; 6. 21-Nathan Lyons[6]; 7. 40M-Carter McMurray[4]; 8. 54-Caleb Gafrarar[12]; 9. 17-Ben Morabito[11]; 10. 62-Keelan Harvick[2]; 11. 18-Matthew Laprade[7]; 12. 40-Dillon Thomas[13]; 13. 16-Samuel Macedo[10]; 14. 26-Laquan McCoy[14]; 15. 55-Mardy Roberts III[15]

Qualifying 1: 1. 88R-Max Reaves, 00:17.268[12]; 2. 62-Keelan Harvick, 00:17.323[4]; 3. 88-Aiden King, 00:17.333[5]; 4. 40M-Carter McMurray, 00:17.351[10]; 5. 4-Ryan Zima, 00:17.432[15]; 6. 21-Nathan Lyons, 00:17.432[7]; 7. 18-Matthew Laprade, 00:17.486[6]; 8. 79-Neal Dulin, 00:17.514[2]; 9. 99-Spencer Bradshaw, 00:17.518[1]; 10. 16-Samuel Macedo, 00:17.541[8]; 11. 17-Ben Morabito, 00:17.555[11]; 12. 54-Caleb Gafrarar, 00:17.563[3]; 13. 40-Dillon Thomas, 00:17.634[14]; 14. 26-Laquan McCoy, 00:17.761[9]; 15. (DQ) 55-Mardy Roberts III, 00:17.761[13]


ROUND 2 FEATURE (15 Laps): 1. 22-Jordan Plummer[4]; 2. 74-Addyson King[3]; 3. 24-Diego Espinosa[11]; 4. 4-Callum Thorp[10]; 5. 11-Jeremy Marshall[14]; 6. 75C-Makenna Crocker[13]; 7. 4H-James Hebert[12]; 8. 94-Jhett Johnson[8]; 9. 07-Huston Wells[5]; 10. 75-Allee Johnson[7]; 11. 13-Ben Mack[6]; 12. 87-JC Fickenscher[1]; 13. 9B-Kaden Bradshaw[2]; 14. (DNS) 63-Chad Bryan; 15. (DQ) 42-Benjamin Rogers[9]

Qualifying 1: 1. 87-JC Fickenscher, 00:17.796[5]; 2. 9B-Kaden Bradshaw, 00:17.800[1]; 3. 74-Addyson King, 00:17.850[9]; 4. 22-Jordan Plummer, 00:17.880[12]; 5. 07-Huston Wells, 00:17.940[15]; 6. 13-Ben Mack, 00:17.948[10]; 7. 75-Allee Johnson, 00:18.016[7]; 8. 94-Jhett Johnson, 00:18.055[8]; 9. 42-Benjamin Rogers, 00:18.069[13]; 10. 4-Callum Thorp, 00:18.078[14]; 11. 24-Diego Espinosa, 00:18.139[4]; 12. 4H-James Hebert, 00:18.319[6]; 13. 75C-Makenna Crocker, 00:18.350[3]; 14. 11-Jeremy Marshall, 00:18.523[11]; 15. (DNS) 63-Chad Bryan, 00:18.523


ROUND 2 FEATURE (20 Laps): 1. 9-TJ Moon[2]; 2. 80-Bryson Nichols[4]; 3. 5-Hunter Morgan[3]; 4. 24-Colt Johnson[5]; 5. 16-Finn Buckley[6]; 6. 15-Rhylee Hutchins[7]; 7. 37-Carson Cauble[9]; 8. 77-Ellie Gossett[10]; 9. 51-Cole Gudmestad[12]; 10. 41-Mandi Lee[14]; 11. 28-Joshua Shine[13]; 12. 5B-Jeffrey Beck[11]; 13. 39-Chase Spaulding[8]; 14. 35-Owen Zacharias[1]; 15. 36-Rocky Wise[15]

Qualifying 1: 1. 35-Owen Zacharias, 00:18.558[15]; 2. 9-TJ Moon, 00:18.807[9]; 3. 5-Hunter Morgan, 00:18.809[10]; 4. 80-Bryson Nichols, 00:18.811[11]; 5. 24-Colt Johnson, 00:18.815[7]; 6. 16-Finn Buckley, 00:18.826[2]; 7. 15-Rhylee Hutchins, 00:18.848[6]; 8. 39-Chase Spaulding, 00:18.872[13]; 9. 37-Carson Cauble, 00:18.894[3]; 10. 77-Ellie Gossett, 00:18.971[4]; 11. 5B-Jeffrey Beck, 00:18.991[1]; 12. 51-Cole Gudmestad, 00:19.057[5]; 13. 28-Joshua Shine, 00:19.236[12]; 14. 41-Mandi Lee, 00:19.256[8]; 15. 36-Rocky Wise, 00:19.371[14]


ROUND 2 FEATURE (20 Laps): 1. 2-Wyatt Coffey[1]; 2. 9-Jack Smith[2]; 3. 84-Delaney Gray[9]; 4. T2-Camden Truett[3]; 5. 17-Taegan Knowland[6]; 6. 21H-Reid Halpin[8]; 7. 38-Gerald White III[4]; 8. 1VA-Hendrick Case[7]; 9. 21-Mason Roberts[5]

Qualifying 1: 1. 2-Wyatt Coffey, 00:18.700[2]; 2. 9-Jack Smith, 00:18.738[6]; 3. T2-Camden Truett, 00:18.943[7]; 4. 38-Gerald White III, 00:19.239[8]; 5. 21-Mason Roberts, 00:19.489[5]; 6. 17-Taegan Knowland, 00:19.878[4]; 7. 1VA-Hendrick Case, 00:19.959[1]; 8. 21H-Reid Halpin, 00:20.762[3]; 9. (DQ) 84-Delaney Gray, 00:19.048


ROUND 2 A FEATURE (15 Laps): 1. 5C-Corbin Cannon[1]; 2. 8-Bristol Monroe[2]; 3. 16-Maci Prowell[6]; 4. 38-Penelope Carlisle[7]; 5. 4S-Kevin Stiene[10]; 6. 22-Anthony Pedulla[13]; 7. 10-Eli Van Patten[12]; 8. 4-Carson McKee[4]; 9. 16M-Tayton Monroe[11]; 10. 5-Wyatt Linker[9]; 11. 15-Grayson Price[8]; 12. 36-Carson Wise[3]; 13. (DQ) 13-Lucas McFall[5]

ROUND 2 B FEATURE (12 Laps): 1. 85P-Paisley Lawson[3]; 2. 8P-Jakob Peterson[4]; 3. 29-Charlie Evans[5]; 4. 23-Michael Scronce[2]; 5. 19H-Grant Hooker[1]; 6. 16B-Lincoln Baucom[6]; 7. 6-Jerry Garretson[9]; 8. 73-Kolton Peckich[7]; 9. 19-Kashton Tobias[8]

Qualifying 1: 1. 5C-Corbin Cannon, 00:20.209[2]; 2. 8-Bristol Monroe, 00:20.419[11]; 3. 36-Carson Wise, 00:20.551[22]; 4. 4-Carson McKee, 00:20.590[10]; 5. 13-Lucas McFall, 00:20.787[9]; 6. 16-Maci Prowell, 00:20.896[17]; 7. 38-Penelope Carlisle, 00:20.976[3]; 8. 15-Grayson Price, 00:21.022[16]; 9. 5-Wyatt Linker, 00:21.108[8]; 10. 4S-Kevin Stiene, 00:21.237[19]; 11. 16M-Tayton Monroe, 00:21.541[12]; 12. 10-Eli Van Patten, 00:21.921[21]; 13. 22-Anthony Pedulla, 00:22.562[14]; 14. 19H-Grant Hooker, 00:22.987[6]; 15. 23-Michael Scronce, 00:23.188[18]; 16. 85P-Paisley Lawson, 00:23.211[7]; 17. 8P-Jakob Peterson, 00:23.667[15]; 18. 29-Charlie Evans, 00:24.051[4]; 19. 16B-Lincoln Baucom, 00:27.271[1]; 20. 73-Kolton Peckich, 00:28.258[13]; 21. 19-Kashton Tobias, 00:32.474[20]; 22. (DQ) 6-Jerry Garretson, 00:26.050[5]