2024 Thursday Thunder Tire Rules

(Official PDF HERE)

1-    Any Hoosier tires that meet the 2024 rules can be used.

-Tires can’t be Altered. No buffing cutting, scraping, soaking or anything you can think of will be allowed.

-If tires are found to be altered you will be fined $100 per tire and possible loss of tire.

-If altered tires are found you will not be allowed to qualify and start at the rear of the field for the feature. The Tech official’s decision is final. You can not appeal.

-If you get caught more than once during Thursday thunder your tires will be Confiscated and not returned.

-No tire buffing, washing, grinding or cutting equipment will be allowed on the property.

-If equipment is found it will be confiscated.


2-Tire Inspection

-Qualifying tires must be on the car before the drivers meeting.

-Inspector’s will inspect the tires during the Driver’s meeting and before qualifying.

-When qualifying begins no other tires will be allowed in the garage or pit area.

-Qualifying tires must remain on the car after qualifying, unless you have to do repairs. Inform a tech official if you must do repairs. If tires are removed from the car they must be placed in the center of the garage. If you don’t pit in the garage area you must come get a tech official to come to your pit, you will be required to bring your tires to the technical inspection area until repairs are finished.


3-Tire impound

-The top three finishers in the following divisions will be required to turn in their tires in tech for impound until practice for the next round of features.

-(Young Lions, Semi-Pro, Masters, Pro) If you are in these divisions you must bring tools to remove the tires and another set of tires to put on your car.


4-Tire Protest

-The tire protest as Per the 2024 INEX rulebook will still be allowed. The protest fee is $250. And finish on the lead lap.

-The protest must be filed within 10 minutes of the checkered flag.

-You must say which tire you want to protest (1)

-You must also bring your car to the tech area and submit and tire sample from your car.