Rule clarification / update #11192019

Below is the rule concerning Legend Car fender trimming:

24. FENDER HOLES & TRIMMING OF FENDERS: The holes and trimming that is permitted:

Holes -Maximum of ten (10) hole(s) per fender. Maximum hole(s) is four (4) inches in diameter. Any shaped hole(s) equal to or less than the area of a 4" round hole is permitted.

Note: a four-inch hole saw will produce a hole larger than four inches.

Trimming of Fenders

Front Fenders -The only trimming of the front fenders that is allowed on the inside edge of the fender, starting 12" above the frame rail on the front clip, along the contour of the fender, and only trimmed in 3" from the edge.

The inside of the fenders near the grille, the edge of the fenders near the body shell, the outside of the front fenders and the bottom edge of the front of the fender may not be trimmed.

Rear Fenders -Rear fenders may be trimmed above the tire for additional clearance. The rear fender contour must measure at least 9" from the main body shell. Measurements will be taken at the point on either rear fender above top dead center of the tire. No holes or other trimming is permitted in the rear fenders or body shell.



Trimming the inside of the front fenders next to the body (rearward of the firewall) is not permitted.

The rear fenders may only be trimmed for tire (travel) clearance. Any other trimming of the rear fenders is not permitted.

The penalty for the first violation of this rule will be confiscation of the illegal component.

The penalty for a second violation of this rule will be a disqualification.