INEX Rule Change

The rule concerning the use of radios in Legend Cars and Bandolero Cars will be changed to the following:

RADIOS: During all INEX sanctioned events, two way radios (UHF receiving device capable of monitoring race director audio as a priority communication over any two way communication from the race team only) are permitted but not required. All frequency transmissions must be UHF analog only. Encryption or scrambling of the signal is not allowed. Frequencies must be made available to INEX upon request. Two way radios & car wiring harnesses such as the "USLCI special" kit offered by Racing Electronics are recommended. The only 2 forms of communication that are allowed is a Raceceiver (that is controlled by the race director) and/or the UHF radio system as described above. Cell phones or any other source of communication that connects the driver to any outside source is not allowed.