Wednesday February 28, 2024

Embarking on the thrilling journey from go-karts straight to Legend Cars, Stevie "Stevie Nicks" Rodriguez, a rising female in the world of racing looks to widen her experience in this 2024 season. From providing nay-sayers wrong to chasing victories at Irwindale Speedway, Rodriguez is chasing history as a female in a male-dominated sport. Like the singer, Nicks wants to be known as the Stevie Nicks of the motorsports world and there is a fun story behind how she adopted that name.

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1 Brexton Busch (NC ) 491
2 Wyatt Coffey (VA ) 485
3 James Faulkner (TN ) 450
4 Bentley Thompson (WI ) 440
5 Jack Smith (NC ) 440


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